Help, my dog is making me crazy!

It is crazy making when our dogs do things for no reason.

It's embarrassing when they bark and lunge at other dogs, or hump our guests legs.

And running around the park trying to catch them when they won't come back makes you pretty sure you're never letting them leave the house again.

You're about ready to give up on the dog who constantly steals food off the counter, no matter how many times you've told them clearly not to.

If truth be told, you don't even walk your dog as much as you should because it's really no fun for you at all, it actually makes you quite angry, to be dragged down the street day after day after day, no matter how many times you yell and yank them back to show your displeasure.

What would your life look like if you could stop it all.

To stop them doing all of the things that make you absolutely mental.

To have a dog that you wanted to be around and spend time with?

To be relaxed and having fun on your walks.

To have guests over without fear or worry about your dog embarrassing you.

To be able to go hiking every weekend, secure in the knowledge that they will come back when called?

That all starts HERE with understanding your dog.