Mind Your Manners

For dogs 6 months and older


Class Details


  • Positive titer test or current vaccines

  • Dogs must be social towards other dogs and people**

Class dates & length: 

Classes are 1 hour each consecutive week for 6 weeks (long weekends excluded). *Registration happens on an ongoing enrollment basis, see below for details.


Manners Program

Our Mind Your Manners Program combines this class with 1 x 60 minute private session for that little bit extra to help you get the results you are looking for. This session must be used before your last class.


from 195.00
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Class Schedule

*Ongoing enrollment, see below for details.

Sunday: 4pm

**If your dog has a hard time staying calm at the sight of other dogs or people while on leash, we suggest our Reactive Dog Classes

What You'll Learn

Whether you've just adopted a new rescue dog, are ready to take the plunge into training with your best friend, or have completed our Puppy classes are wanting more, this class will help you teach your dog basic good manners and polite behaviours that will serve you in real life with your dog, outside of a classroom setting. Including:

  • Come when called, every time!

  • No more pulling – walking politely on leash

  • Sit, Down and Stay

  • Teaching your dog to settle down and hang out with you calmly and quietly

  • Stop door dashing - learn polite door manners

  • Don't eat that! (Leave it)

  • How to greet people without jumping

  • How to appropriately meet and greet other dogs

  • How to have a calm, polite dog when company comes over

*Our class enrollment happens on an ongoing basis. This means you can enroll at any time and start your first class as soon as there is an opening once you have registered and received your orientation package. You attend your class for 6 consecutive weeks (except the weeks where there are no classes due to stat holidays). Due to class popularity there can be a delay getting you started, but we do our best to get you in as soon as possible.