Private Training

Dog & Puppy Training in Your Home

Perhaps your dog is not comfortable in group settings? Perhaps you can't fit our classes into your schedule? Private lessons are held either in your home, your surrounding neighbourhoods or in public places. During the one hour weekly session, we will work hands-on with your dog, as well as with you to show you how to communicate the behaviours you want from them. Each session includes time for questions and answers about the things that you need help with the most!

We only service Richmond for in-home private sessions. If you live outside of Richmond and would like to work with us, we hold the sessions in Richmond or we offer Virtual Consults.

2 Paws Up

Ideal for working on 1 problem behaviour or introducing a new dog or puppy to your home.

Includes 3 x private sessions 

Sessions must be used within a 4 week period

4 Paws Up

Ideal for dogs and puppies of all ages. We will work to help you lay the foundations of good manners and listening together with useful practical skills like coming when called, loose leash walking and focus on you.

Includes 5 private sessions and our support program

Sessions must be used within a 6 week period.


For in depth behaviour problems. We help you learn to change unwanted and worrisome behaviours like fear, reactivity, resource guarding and aggression.

Includes 8 private sessions and our support program.

Sessions must be used within a 9 week period.

Fast Tracked Program

No one wants to wait to see a trainer when you're dealing with problem behaviours or need help quite quickly. Our Fast Tracked Program options allows us to get a 30 minute virtual consult in, usually within 48 hours of booking, to help give you immediate assistance. 

Includes 1 x 30 minute virtual consult coupled with any of our other private programs.

 Contact us for information.

Virtual consults available for people outside of our service area.

Payment must be received before each session.
We accept cash, credit card, Paypal or email transfer (