Rally O

For dogs 6 months and older


Class Details

Rally O is a fun and rewarding way to learn and practice more advanced "obedience" behaviours, while increasing your bond, building confidence, increasing focus and improving handling skills 

Teams are taught to run through a numbered of course of "obedience behaviours" within a specified time.

Any dog can compete in Rally O, regardless of age, breed, size or physical limitations. 

Please note that our Rally O classes are geared towards people looking to do something with, and have fun with their dogs. As such, we only offer the one level (intro) of Rally O. If you are looking for somewhere to hone your competition skills, please contact us and we will put in you in touch with someone you can do that with.


  • First set of core vaccines, positive titer test or current vaccines
  • Dogs must have a foundation of basic behaviours like sit, down and walking on a leash.  

Class length: 1 hour each consecutive week for 6 weeks. WE DO NOT OFFER MAKE UP CLASSES



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Class Schedule

Tuesday 8pm

July 17, July 24, July 31, Aug 7, Aug 14, Aug 21