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Seminar Details

Weekend 1: Sept 22 & 23

Learn what aggression and reactivity is, where it comes from, what purpose it serves for the dog and what we can do to minimize it's occurrence.

This course covers how to prevent it, how to manage it effectively when it does happen to prevent it getting worse and how to implement training and behaviour modification strategies to improve your dogs's behaviour.

Aggression within any species is a normal part of communication but it becomes problematic when it is our dog's "go to" behaviour. By examining the conditions in which the aggressive or reactive response occurs, and what the dog is hoping to achieve with the behaviour, we are able to make in-roads into coming up with a solution.

John focuses a huge amount of his time, when dealing with these dogs, by addressing what the human half of the equation is doing. Lead handling, movement and working in harmony rather than against your dog will all be covered to maximize the effectiveness of your behaviour modification program.

Weekend 2: Sept 29 & 30: 

Motivation and reinforcement - are they the same thing? How do we use these to harness changes in our dog's behaviour for both of our benefit? We will examine how and what to use when reinforcing your dog's behaviour and how to use the correct reinforcement strategy at the right time.

Arousal - containing and reducing it. Whether we are competing in a dog sport or dealing with "problem" dogs, arousal is something we need to be aware of. Too little means an unmotivated dog, too much means a dog who is out of control, out of their mind and unable to learn. We will examine how to use arousal reduction strategies in dealing with problem behaviours. 

Impulse/self control - is it a problem with the dog or a problem with our training?

Breed specific traits - dealing with behaviours that can be more prevalent in some dogs than others. Genetics or reinforcement history?

Logan - following on from breed specific training, a study of the last 20 months with Logan, how and what John has learned and how his "bullyness" assisted and hindered them.

Self care - Our industry can be isolating and attracts a large number of introverts. John will share aspects of how he looks after his own mental health and how to look after the mental health of others around us. 

Social Evening: Sept 29

Social media evening - Having built a decent social media presence over the last 8 years, John will discuss using social media to our advantage, what to publish and how to build audience engagement to build and grow your reach, influence and business.

This is an informal evening, held at Cactus Club. The cost of the social evening covers the time with John only. Participants are responsible for their own drinks/food. 


Seminar: Pawsitive Connection Dog Training: 110 - 5910 No 6 Rd, Richmond

Social Evening: Whitespot: 120 - 12800 Bridgeport Rd, Richmond

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CEU's: Approved for PPG, KPA and IAABC CEU's

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10am - 5pm

Social Evening: 7pm - 11pm

*Sign up for both weekends and get free attendance to the social evening


About John McGuigan

John has been running a successful dog training and behaviour modification business for over 8 years. In that time he has amassed over 4500 client facing hours, has worked with over 2000 dogs and has successfully used social media to market and grow his business. Being a cross-over trainer and having lived with dogs showing aggressive behaviours as a result of inappropriate training methods, he knows only too well the challenges faced by owners living with these issues. Much of his work is dealing with and offering training and behaviour solutions to owners living with dogs exhibiting aggressive behaviours. John focuses much of his teaching on the human movement and handling of the dog - get that right and it makes life much easier. He has taught several IMDT courses and holds regular tutorials for budding trainers and dog training enthusiasts locally as well as presenting nationally and internationally.